Counselling Kinesiology TM blends counselling techniques with highly de-stressing techniques and powerful behaviour change exercises

What is Counselling Kinesiology TM?

Counselling Kinesiology TM is a comprehensive system of holistic counselling utilising muscle testing, to determine the underlying emotional issues causing emotional stress. It blends counselling techniques with highly effective de-stressing techniques and powerful behaviour change exercises. 

Developed by Gordon and Debra Dickson, it consists of three stages: 
1. A talk theropy stage consisting of carefully targeted questions and supportive listening;
2. An experiential kinesiology stage of identifying critical underlying issues, de-stressing the stress and resolving emotional issues;
3. An integrative stage of exercises for converting insights into practical behaviour changes.

It is used with adults for life satisfaction, work, parenting, self-esteem and relationship issues, and with children and adolescents for behavioural and emotional issues.

Emotional Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing is about feeling grounded, present, and at peace. It is about responding to the environment (internal and external) with the appropriate amount of emotional energy at the right time and for the right duration, and being able to recover and become whole again.

Emotional trauma that has not been resolved properly or processed, can lead to abnormal “short circuiting” and exaggeration (or suppression) in our emotional response to future stressers as part of our survival behaviour.

Counselling Kinesiology TM not only identifies the emotional trauma but effectively de-stresses to allow long term behavioural changes.

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